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Pirate Playdough Jar
Pirate Playdough Jar

Pirate Playdough Jar

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Arr! You better do as I say or you will walk the plank! Does your little one LOVE pirates? Give this adorable jar a try!

This "portable on purpose" jar is just the right size to throw into your purse or diaper bag to take with you on the road, on the plane, in the hotel, to the doctor, to the restaurant, or to grandma's house, It will also make a perfect party favor, class gift, or for goodie bags.

What's included:

-4 ounces of blue homemade nontoxic playdough

-1 pirate figurine (may differ from what is pictured)

-themed accessories including jewels, coins, and foam spheres

-plastic mason jar with lid so that everything stays organized

Playdough is made to order so that it is fresh when it arrives to you.

*Playdough is created with flour, cream of tartar, food coloring, organic vegetable oil, and food coloring

*Please use this playdough jar under direct parental supervision only as kit contains small parts