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Construction Sand Bin
Construction Sand Bin

Construction Sand Bin

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Does your little one LOVE construction trucks? If so, they will love this construction sand bin!

Our "portable on purpose" grab and go busy bins are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids with autism, adhd, sensory processing disorder, or anxiety, and make the perfect gift. Each bin comes with a teacher tips and tricks page. The included bin with attached lid helps ensure the contents stay organized and inside the bin.

Filled with natural colored sensory sand and lots of themed accessories, this will keep your little ones busy and entertained for hours!

What's included:
- natural colored sensory sand (will not stick to your hands)
-1 wood construction jumbo figurine (may differ from what is seen here)
-1 construction truck
-mixed beans for "hauling" and "dumping"
-wood blocks
-wood chips

-themed accessories
-hours of imaginative play
-tons of possibilities

Tips and tricks:
-keep your bin in a special spot in your house. When your little one wants to play, take it out but make sure it goes back in that spot afterward.

-keep away from everyday play items