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Tips for setting up your child's play space

The one I hear from mamas over and over again, is how do I keep all the toys organized? I have multiple children and their toys are ALL over the house and it is driving me crazy! Sound familiar? If it does, then read on.

One thing that I have learned from being a Montessori teacher is that less is more. You won't find noisy plastic toys and brightly painted walls with tons of posters all over them in a Montessori classroom. What you will find are walls that are typically painted a calming color, a couple of posters, and some cupboards for storage.  On the ground you will find shelves with "work" on them. Each piece of "work" or toy is sitting on a tray.

I take that same approach to my kids toys in my own house. Each child has one shelf that if filled with 9 different toys that are sitting on trays. If the toy does not fit on the tray, it goes somewhere else. When our kids are done using the toy or "work" we ask them to put it back on the shelf before they pick out another one. It is not perfect all the time, but using this approach has really helped us contain the mess. 

Give this method a try, and see if it works for you.

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