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Tips and Tricks for traveling with kids and toddlers

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As a parent, we all know how stressful it can be traveling with our kids. Did I forget anything? Did I pack enough snacks? Did I close the garage door? Sound familiar? If so, I got you mama. I have been there too, way too many times to count.

So here are some of my favorite tips and tricks for traveling with kids!

1. Snacks- lots and lots of snacks! You can never have too many snacks. I repeat, you can never have too many snacks when traveling with little ones! You can use any lunch box you would like but grab the one we use here.

2. Melissa and Doug water wow books- These books are amazing when you need to keep kids busy while traveling. You fill the included pen "paint brush" with water and let your little one go to town painting it. As the "paint" dries, the pages will turn back to white and they can be painted over and over again. Here is our current favorite!

3. Melissa and Doug reusable sticker packs- Use these over and over again. No wasted stickers or paper. What's not to love?

4. Lacing cards- the string is attached and your kids will practice fine motor skills while learning to sew! Our favorites can be found here.

5. Books and headphones- My kids like these headphones. They are not expensive and they have held up.

6. Mini playdough jars by Simple Steps Learning! Again, when you know what works, you know!

7. Gel window clings- This is PERFECT if you are on a plane and your little one has the window seat. My kids love this activity when we are on the plane! 

8. Card games- My older child loves to play cards when we are on the plane. He has our undivided attention for hours!  

I hope these tips and tricks help you and your family when on the road or in the air! Happy Travels!

Tricia- Simple Steps Learning

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