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Halloween Sensory Bottle

This sensory bottle is my all time favorite! Don't know how to use a sensory bottle? It is simple. When your child is frustrated all you do is sit them down in a chair, have them take deep breaths, shake the bottle, and watch the glitter fall in the bottle.

Sensory bottles can also be used when your child is feeling anxious or scared. 

If you'd like to create one yourself, just follow the instructions below.

To create one yourself you need:

🎃 1 water bottle
🎃 clear glue
🎃 orange food coloring
🎃 glitter
🎃 jack-o-lantern stickers or can be cut out of construction paper
🎃 super glue (optional)

🎃 add some clear glue to the bottom of your bottle (the more you add, the faster the glitter will fall)
🎃 fill bottle 3/4 of the way to the top with orange colored water (add 5 drops food coloring to water and stir)
🎃 add as much glitter as you'd like
🎃 put lid on and shake vigorously
🎃 super glue lid closed (optional)

If you or your kids create one yourself, tag me @Simple Steps Learning to be featured!

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