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DIY Mess Free Ornament Craft- So easy and so cute!

When my little one came out of the craft cabinet (aka a kitchen cabinet) with an empty plastic ornament and stated that she wanted to do a craft, my first thought was "I just cleaned the table, I really do not want it to get messy again." However, knowing how much joy crafting together gives us both, I had to do something. 

Enter the pom pom ornament! All you need for this project is a clear plastic ornament and some pom poms. That's it! If you do not have either of those, you can grab some from the local craft store or the dollar store. This project is so easy, it really doesn't even need instructions but here goes...


1. Pull the top of the ornament

2. Fill it with pom poms (make sure you buy the small one so they fit through the top)

3. Put the top back on and hang on the tree!

These ornaments are the cutest ever! You are going to need some extra ornaments and pom poms because the kids are going to want to make more than one for sure. 


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