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Awesome Busy Bag Ideas you can use to bust the boredom when on the go

I am obsessed with busy bags! I started creating busy bags for my kids when my daughter was born. She was very sick her first year of life and my kids and I spent a lot of time in waiting rooms. I wanted my kids to be screen free while we were there, so busy bags did the trick!

What is a busy bag? Simply put, a busy bag is a portable bag you fill with simple materials to keep your child occupied while at home or on the go. I keep our busy bags in our car so we always have it when we need it. I pack them away in a mesh zipper pouch so they stay together and organized. 

Busy Bag Ideas:

1. Lacing toys

2. Water wow books

3. Board book or children's book

4. Magna Doodle or writing tablet

5. Reusable sticker books

Tips and tricks:

1. Store them in a special spot at home or in the car. Doing so will help them retain their "uniqueness".

2. Do not let your little one mix them with everyday play items. You want them to be special.

3. When your little one is done playing with their busy bags, have them place all the items back in the bag and store in that special spot you picked out earlier.

*If you are looking for a busy bag for your little one to use in the car or on the plane and don't have the bandwidth to create one yourself, check out my selection of busy bags on my website. 

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